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  • ‘Not Ever’ Kickstarter Video Update: Behind The Scenes

    Kickstarter Update #10:

    Wow, what a weekend!

    The pinnacle of a film project is the actual shoot. It’s a highly pressurised environment where things that can go wrong generally do, things that can take an hour generally take two and the best you can hope for is that all these challenges can be dealt with in order to:

    1. Create an environment that is comfortable for the actors and a set that is decorated and lit according to the needs of the story

    2. Enable the actors to give a performance that is magical

    3. Make sure the magic is then captured, with cameras and microphones pointed in the right direction, focus pulled correctly, etc.

    And of course there’s an element of luck in the equation as well. We were lucky and here is a quick update I recorded yesterday for the behind-the-scenes video: http://vimeo.com/73702575

    It’s a five minute film and on Sunday we recorded about one hour of content. Tomorrow we will be reviewing these rushes and to see exactly how this story will now be told.

    Exciting times! :)

    To stay informed on our progress, please ‘Like’ our Facebook page here:

    Source: Kickstarter

    CBeebies Radio: Sunday Stories – You’re All My Favourites read by Emilia Fox

    Just came across “You’re All My Favourites”, a story written by Sam McBratney and read by Emilia. It’s available on the BBC website for 5 days. It’s a short but sweet podcast… :)

    One day three baby bears started to wonder which of them their Mummy and Daddy liked best, they couldn’t all be favourites… could they? Today’s Walker Book was written by Sam McBratney and read by Emilia Fox.

    Duration: 7 mins

    You can download the podcast for free on the BBC website!

    Reports from ‘The Wrong Mans’ BAFTA Preview

    Good morning y’all :) Emilia attended yesterday’s London BAFTA preview of ‘The Wrong Mans’, below you can read two reports from the screening!

    Another very successful evening, and certainly much improvement from the Edinburgh preview! Even other members of the cast showed up, namely Nick Moran, Dan Renton Skinner and Emilia Fox.

    Whole room were in fits of laughter, and very good questions asked during the Q+A, which has been filmed by BAFTA so expect a video to appear soon.
    James and Mat also did another (I believe) further two interviews, so they will follow.

    As for UK date, I have been told what time but the date I will be hunting down, as they know the slot the show will be in, but not sure when! Can confirm though that it will be on a TUESDAY at 9PM (GMT)

    In addition, those who will get to watch TWM on Hulu will get all 6 episodes back to back (or over 6 days… Will need to double check!), whereas in UK it will be on once every week for 6 weeks.

    James, Mat, Sarah and Jim showed very keen admiration, and they hope that their show will bring an audience, and those who do watch it will enjoy it.

    Source: Tumblr


    Having missed TWM Edinburgh preview because of work, I was desperate to attend the BAFTA preview just so I wouldn’t miss out again. I was very lucky as I managed to get the last two tickets for the showing, and boy, was that a good thing as I wouldn’t have had the craziest and most fun night I have had in ages…

    After waiting outside with Suzi, Danni and her Cordian friends (who were all very lovely ladies), we made it inside the plush BAFTA bar and were surrounded by all the crew and famous faces who had worked on TWM. It was very difficult to keep our cool in front of everyone as Dan Skinner (Angelos Epithemiou) was standing right beside us in a simple shirt and chinos (I only mention his outfit because he looked so FREAKING hot), so naturally we, or rather I was, little flail-y.

    I don’t want to spoil the first two episodes for you, but they went beyond what I was expecting of them. I can see why Hulu and the BBC were willing to spend so much on the show, it’s fast-paced, thrilling, and leaving you wanting more, I was sat in my seat with my mouth opened at the cliffhangers, that was how fantastic these episodes were. The Q&A was just as interesting and revealing, Mat and James explaining the difficulty of shooting, expenses and the like. I was lucky to get one of my questions answered by James (“How hard was it to come back to the project after filming the pilot so long ago?” – I won’t write down the answer because it was long but also I can’t remember, but watch out for the video BAFTA will put up in the next couple of days or so). We managed to meet the guys once the Q&A had finished, and spied to the left of me Emilia Fox and Sarah Solemani hugging and having a happy little chinwag with each other. Mat and James spoke to us in the theatre for a little while before leaving us to do some press interviews, promising to get back to us once they had finished.

    While waiting for what seemed like an eternity for the guys to finish their interviews, we met Jim Field Smith, who is just about the most adorable person I have ever met (Do all guys call Jim share this personality trait or something?!) He was kind enough to take pictures with us, but also answered random questions I shot at him. I was interested to know whether there would be a third series of Deep Trouble as it has been advertised by all comedy outlets, but he stated that because he and Ben were so busy with their own projects, the third series had been scrapped even though Radio 4 were keen to make another. An exclusive there for you.

    After umpteen interviews, Mat and James finally came back to us as they had promised. Both were very sweet and patient as we took photos with them and asked them several questions. From our impromptu Q&A sessions, we learnt that the guys were looking to write a second series of The Wrong Mans and they would also like to collaborate together more in future. Unfortunately, due to commitments the next day, Suzi and I had left the Cordians in the lobby as we made our way home, but not before I sneaked a peek to see James hugging the girls and chatting some more.

    I think you can guess how I feel about the first two episodes of TWM, and I very rarely feel like this about a new comedy show. I wish everyone involved with the production all the best of luck, not that they need it because I can tell it’s going to be a massive hit. Watch out for it when it’s transmitted soon.

    Source: Tumblr

    Emilia Fox on the ‘Not Ever’ set (01-09-2013)

    (click on the post’s title to read more…)

    EDIT (02.09.): More BTS & on the set photos can be seen on our Tumblr page

    Screencult just posted these polaroid photos from the Not Ever set (the filming takes place today!). Doesn’t she look stunning?


    For more updates visit and like their FB page ;)

    Source: Screencult via Twitter

    ‘The Wrong Mans’ Update, More Information on Emilia’s role Scarlett (Spoilers!)

    SPOILER ALERT – If you do not want to know any information at all I’d suggest you stop reading now ;)

    * * *

    Scarlett is not in episode one, but in episode two in very short choppy clips. Without giving too much away, she’s held hostage and is the ‘wife’ the guy threatens to kill that we hear from the trailer. But she has no relation to Sam, or Phil. So, it’s basically Sam and Phil that try rescue her!

    Special thanks to thewrongmans.tumblr.com for the information! <3

    The Wipers Times: Confirmed Air date (11th September) & two HQ stills

    We finally have a release date for ‘The Wipers Time‘! It’ll air on 11th September (Wednesday) at 9.00pm to 10.30pm on BBC2. I also uploaded two HQ stills in our gallery. Hope you enjoy! :)

    Source: insidemediatrack.com

    Pre-Order ‘Suspension of Disbelief’ on DVD – release date: 9th September 2013

    We finally got a release date for ‘Suspension of Disbelief‘, a film noir mystery starring Sebastian Koch, Lotte Verbeek and Emilia Fox. The DVD is out on 9th September :)

    Martin (Koch) is an accomplished writer of cinema and theatre who now teaches his trade to film school students. After the disappearance of his wife 15 years prior, he has been left alone to raise his daughter Sarah (Rebecca Night) who aspires to be an actress like her mother. At her 25th birthday party, Martin encounters the mysterious Angelique (Lotte Verbeek) who is found dead the next morning. An investigation by the police leads to Martin being the prime suspect and with the arrival of Angelique’s twin sister Therese comes even more questions concerning their brief fling.


    You can pre-order the DVD here!

    Emilia Fox as narrator for Raymond Blanc: How to Cook Well – available on iPlayer

    Did you know that Emilia is the narrator for Raymond Blanc’s How to Cook Well show? You can catch up with all the episodes on the iPlayer. Links expire in 6 days!

    Episode Guide
    1. Slow Cooking
    2. Poaching
    3. Roasting
    4. Baking
    5. Frying
    6. BBQ & Grill

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