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Over the last two weeks you may have noticed some changes in the gallery… that’s because I’ve re-organized all folders and fixed broken links, added new photos and replaced the MQ photos with over 2,200 HQ photos in the event’s section. Hope you enjoy!

Appearances > 1978 > 7th Nov | The Fox Family
Appearances > 1998 > 1st Feb | The Evening Standard British Film Awards
Appearances > 2001 > 10th Jan | The Evening Standard Film Awards
Appearances > 2001 > 8th March | Carlton Restaurant Awards
Appearances > 2001 > 23rd Oct | Mulberry Store Party
Appearances > 2001 > 25th Oct | The 2001 Independent Film Awards
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As reported a few weeks ago series 15 and 16 will be released on DVD in almost a month. There are no bonus features planned unfortunately.
I found a second DVD cover (this time with David) and I’m curious what they’ll go for. Which one do you guys prefer? Or would you rather see both, Harry and Jack, on the cover?

Sources: bbcshop.com & zavvi.com

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I was so excited for this sequel and now you can finally listen to it here. Check it out, it’s great! :)

A special treat for Valentines Day! David Tennant and Emilia Fox come together to recreate their original roles from 2012′s Love Virtually.

With two million copies sold in Germany to date, and bought by thirty-five publishers around the world, Love Virtually by Austrian novelist Daniel Glattauer, is well on the way to becoming a global publishing phenomenon. It’s a thoroughly modern epistolary novel with a difference: its protagonists, Emmi Rothner and Leo Leike, communicate exclusively by e-mail.

They “meet” when Emmi mistakenly sends an e-mail to Leo’s inbox. The romance that follows allows them to live out a shared secret life far removed from their day-to-day existences. But to what extent does it rely on fantasy and escapism, and will it survive a real-life meeting?

The problem is – Emmi (a modern Madame Bovary) is married….

Have email, Facebook and texting created a generation of isolated young people who prefer to communicate remotely – who may be in fact afraid to engage in face to face contact to find love? Is it possible to fall in love with someone you’ve never met? Does a virtual affair ‘count’ as adultery? What are the implications of the fact that we can pretend to be anyone we want in cyberspace?

Every Seventh Wave sees Leo returning from Boston having cut-off all email communication with Emmi.

Emmi’s husband had found out about the relationship and this revelation caused their relationship to implode. After repeated attempts to contact him, Emmi finally receives an answer from Leo.
But it doesn’t come with good news.

Can the internet lovers rekindle their romance? Can love survive though emails alone?

And will they ever meet?

Producer: Clive Brill
A Pacificus production for BBC Radio 4.

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Emilia was absolutely gorgeous tonight. I loved the amazing emerald and diamond jewels which were a great match to the black dress she wore…

Thanks JRMS for the HQ photos!

Appearances > 2013 > 10th Feb | EE British Academy Film Awards – Inside Arrivals
Appearances > 2013 > 10th Feb | EE British Academy Film Awards

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Big thanks to Helen at Jonathan Rhys Meyers Source for donating the HQ photos!
Here are some previews:

Appearances > 2013 > 10th Feb | EE British Academy Film Awards – Red Carpet Arrivals [11 HQ's]

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Not the greatest quality ever unfortunately (rather bad in fact) but decided to post them anyway. Check them out:

Magazine Scans > Clippings (Silent Witness, series 16)

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(click at the post’s title to see previews…)

Emilia attended a private dinner event last night. Thanks a lot Helen at JRMS for the great HQ photos!

More here:
Appearances > 2013 > 08th Feb | WilliamVintage Private Dinner – Arrivals & Inside