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  • Happy Birthday Emilia Fox!

    Good morning everyone!
    It’s Millie’s birthday today and we’d like to wish her all the best, happiness, and that her wishes may come true!
    Have a great day full of joy!!! :)


    Emilia Fox is to appear in a CBeebies show – with her actress mum Joanna David

    Emilia Fox keeps it in the family

    SILENT Witness star Emilia Fox is to appear in a CBeebies show – with her actress mum Joanna David.

    Emilia plays eccentric astronomer Olga Orbit in kids’ favourite Grandpa In My Pocket, which stars James Bolam.

    A CBeebies source said: “Olga comes to Sunnysands to stay at the Mill, the new B&B which features in this series, and observe the stars.

    “She sees more than she could have imagined when Captain Dumbletwit’s spaceship flies through her telescope’s viewfinder.”

    The source added: “It’s a one-off guest appearance and Emilia has a little girl of CBeebies age so is the perfect person to take on the role.”

    Source: thesun.ie

    Gallery Update, ‘Silent Witness’ series 17 on the set photos

    While doing some ‘behind the scenes’ work on the gallery I found these 3 on the set photos which were taken in May. Follow the link below to see the HQ’s in our gallery :)

    Television Series > Silent Witness (2004-2013) > Series 17 > On the Set, filming at The Royal Courts Of Justice – May 27th, 2013

    Can Emilia Fox cope with a nasty role?

    THE very thought of blood makes doe-eyed actress Emilia Fox go as white as a picket fence.

    So how is she going to cope playing a role in BBC2′s forthcoming Wipers Times, a drama about the death and destruction in the trenches during the First World War?

    “Even though I’ve watched autopsies while researching Silent Witness, if you cut yourself in front of me I wouldn’t be able to cope,” squeals Emilia, the pert pathologist star of the popular dissection drama.

    Miss Fox, 38, who will be starring with Michael Palin in Ian Hislop’s production, has been doing some background research with her father, Edward Fox, whose craggy visage may make him look as if he was a veteran of Ypres, but was not.

    He was, however, in the 1969 film Oh! What A Lovely War.

    Source: express.co.uk

    Emilia Fox at Hampton Court Flower Show – 8th July 2013

    (click on the post’s title to read more…)

    Big thanks once again to stanakaticbrasil.com! Emilia’s so gorgeous in these photos. I love her dress and how the butterflies seem to quite like her as well. What a beautiful shoot! Don’t you agree? :)

    Appearances > 2013 > 08th July | RHS Hampton Court Flower Show (7 HQ’s)

    Gallery Update, Emilia Fox at Fashion Rules Exhibition Launch (new HQ photos added)

    (click on the post’s title to

    Good morning everyone! :) I have an early update to post as thanks to stanakaticbrasil.com I was able to update the gallery with 6 new additional HQ photos of Emilia attending the Fashion Rules’ Exhibition Launch last week.
    Hope you enjoy! :-D

    Emilia Fox at Fashion Rules’ Exhibition Launch – 4th July 2013

    Special thanks to Helen for some of the many gorgeous HQ photos! Millie’s pretty in pink!

    Gallery Link: Appearances > 2013 > 04th | Fashion Rules’ Exhibition Launch

    Emilia Fox and Michael Palin cast in Ian Hislop’s ‘The Wipers Times’

    As reported back in March (around the time when TWT began shooting) the BBC has officially announced the cast and additional information yesterday :)

    The BBC has announced the cast for The Wipers Times, a new historical drama written by Ian Hislop and Nick Newman.

    The cast will include Ben Chaplin (Mad Dogs), Michael Palin (Life of Brian), Julian Rhind-Tutt (Green Wing), Steve Oram (Kill List) and Emilia Fox (Silent Witness).

    The official synopsis reads: “In the bombed- out ruins of Ypres in 1916 Captain Fred Roberts and Lieutenant Jack Pearson discovered a printing press. They used it to produce The Wipers Times – a humorous, satirical and subversive trench newspaper which proved hugely popular with soldiers – though not entirely with their superior officers. Braving constant bombardment and bitter fighting, The Wipers Times survived the Somme and made it through to the end of the war. Roberts and Pearson were highly decorated – yet were unrecognised in their lifetime. The Wipers Times is a story of the extraordinary resilience of the human spirit in the face of overwhelming adversity.”

    Janice Hadlow, Controller BBC Two, commented: “Just like the original Wipers Times, this new history drama will be filled with jokes, spoofs and amazing examples of courage behind the laughs. I am delighted to be bringing such a brilliant drama and cast to BBC Two.”

    Source: cultbox.co.uk

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