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Time and place: Emilia Fox
Interview by Sarah Ewing
1 March 2015

When I was little, I used to spend all the school holidays in Kimmeridge, a small village near the east Dorset coast. My parents [the actors Joanna David and Edward Fox] ended up buying a house there, and it remains in the family to this day. I went to school in London until I was 13, but I wasn’t very happy, so I was sent to a nearby boarding school, Bryanston. As it was only 40 minutes away, I ended up spending ever more time in Kimmeridge.

Back then, it was a real holiday house where you could run in and out in wellington boots, and it didn’t matter how dirty they were. Only when I was older did I become aware that it was a little bohemian. It had no curtains and no carpet, and the electricity sometimes worked — it had to be turned on in the shed in the garden, which was actually a falling-down stable block.

The water came from a well, so in summer, when it got very hot, there would sometimes be no water. You’d have to swim in the sea to wash or cool off. And when we could get water from the well, it was always brown, which made it all the more fun to me! As there was no mains water, I had to explain to friends who came to stay that you couldn’t flush the loo or have a bath unless there had been heavy rainfall.

It was idyllic childhood innocence in every way — we spent all our time outdoors, making scrapbooks, pressing wild flowers, catching butterflies (which became a lifelong obsession for me) and going down to the seaside. There was no television, so it was really all about communication, taking our friends down there, using our imagination, reading and sitting in front of the fire.

As kids, we all piled into camp beds upstairs. My dad also had old apple trees, so, in the autumn, we’d pick them and the blackberries, then make delicious crumbles. Exploring that beautiful south coast was really special because it was so untouched — much of the land is owned by the army, so it wasn’t built on.

I still go back to Kimmeridge now. There’s no mobile reception, so it’s a digital detox — within a few hours, you’ve completely forgotten how important you normally feel constant communications are. It’s not easy for anyone to get hold of you, but that’s what makes it such a haven. There are no distractions.

In the village, there’s a wonderful cafe and shop, Clavell’s — it’s literally the only place in that neck of the woods to go. Farmers run it, along with their children, so there’s always fresh produce. Otherwise, we’d go down to the fishermen’s boats and ask for something freshly caught.

As idyllic as it sounds, however, there were downsides — particularly when we were younger. Winter living could be beset by problems. The car would regularly come off the track through the field that led to the house, so there’d be a big drama to get a farmer to come and pull you out. We’d end up leaving the cars at the end of the track and using a wheelbarrow to take the suitcases the rest of the way to the house. If you arrived at night after a 2½-hour drive, it wasn’t much fun. My dad would never allow us to use anything like a quad bike to help out.

One of the loveliest things about going back to Kimmeridge now is that I can enjoy it again through the eyes of my four-year-old daughter, Rose. Last weekend, she told me it was her favourite place to be. I think that’s because it’s just so relaxed and we can all be together, with no distractions.

She thinks nearby Putlake Farm, an adventure farm for children, and Feather Down Farm are great. I love walking her along the beach, examining all the fossil fragments and checking out the sea life in the rock pools.
I’m just so thankful that so many generations of our family have been able to enjoy the house that time forgot in Kimmeridge — it really is my coastal haven.

Emilia Fox stars in Silent Witness, on Monday and Tuesday at 9pm on BBC1

I added over 1300 HD captures from series 18 of Silent Witness. You can check them in the gallery: HD captures!

Also 3 new stills from different interviews & appearances taken during early 2015 are online now as well.

Plus here are a couple of interviews from the last few months:

Clips from ‘The Casual Vacancy‘:

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Mandy   Mar 15, 2015   Emilia, Interviews, Media

Emilia Fox has shown a whole new side of herself on Bear Grylls’ Mission Survive, and we were eager to catch up with the star to see what life in the jungle with a group of celebrities is really like.

We chatted with the Silent Witness actress today at the Broadcasting Press Guild awards, where she revealed all…

What has it been like watching Mission Survive on TV – does it bring back a lot of memories?

It’s really interesting because its such a small bit of what we actually went through. There’s so much that doesn’t get seen on TV. It’s happy memories of being with such a great team but it was defintiely hard work!

You appear on the show with your cousin, fellow actor Laurence Fox. Did the show change your relationship ?

I loved being with Laurence and I’m so happy he was there. It’s the most time we’ve ever spent together in one go, and we formed a closer bond on that show. We’ll always have that experience together.

Bear certainly put you through your paces, was there anything you learned about yourself during the trip?

We were told when we signed up that we didn’t have to be physically but that wasn’t the case! There was a lot of physical strengh needed and I surprised myself because I’m actually fitter than I thought I was.

The show also made me realise what people are really capable of. When I sit at home and watch similar things on TV, I always think ‘I could never do that!’ but when you’re in the situation you just have to. We ate meal worms and drank our own pee – it was definitely a challenge!

We’ve seen a few tense moments on screen between Bear and yourself. How do you feel about him now?

I didn’t spend a lot of time with Bear on the show but I have always been a fan. I had read all of his books before meeting him and I think he’s a fantastic presenter. It’s interesting, because Bear and I are exactly the same age but we have such different philosophies on life.


Today we celebrate the day this site was founded. Back in February 2010, the website (formerly known as ‘Adoring Emilia Fox’) opened its doors and has been open since. In December 2012, when I adopted the site, I renamed it to its current title :-) We’ve come a long way! I hope you still enjoy the site updates. Have a nice Sunday everyone!

EXCLUSIVE: Drama heads to shoot, The Yellow Affair to sell at EFM.

Brian Cox, Emilia Fox, Anna Chancellor and newcomer Coco König will star in The Carer, which is set to begin shoot in the UK later this month.

The Yellow Affair will present the English-language drama, directed by Janos Edelenyi, at Berlin’s European Film Market (EFM) (Feb 5-13).

The Carer is the last film scripted by the late Gilbert Adair,screenwriter of Bernardo Bertolucci’s The Dreamers, and was co-written by the director and long time Adair collaborator, Tom Kinninmont.

Cox will play an ageing star of stage and screen who forms an unlikely relationship with his immigrant carer.

Producers are Jozsef Berger of Mythberg Films (Hungary), Steve Bowden of Vita Nova Films (UK), Charlotte Wontner of Hopscotch Films (UK), and Kai Künnemann of A-Company (Germany).

Cox said of the film: “One of the central strengths of the movie is the comic creation of character Sir Michael Gifford – his persona is so bombastic and so full of himself while at the same time revealing deep and tragic elements of his character.”

“There’s a very strong feel-good element to the movie and ultimately it’s about redemption and about being who you are”.?

The film is financed by the Hungarian Film Fund, UK private equity, Goldfinch Pictures (UK) and the Hungarian Tax credit, having been previously developed with the support of the Hungarian Film Fund, the MEDIA programme, Screen South (UK), Northstar (UK), Northern Film and Media (UK) and The Design and Creative Fund (UK).

The Yellow Affair previously sold the film to Rialto for Australia/New Zealand.


This sounds really really promising! :D

Mandy   Feb 4, 2015   Interviews, Media

Why Los Angeles?

Because once you realise it’s not all about the film business, you look at it through different eyes and can uncover exactly how much Los Angeles has to offer. The first time I visited Los Angeles in my 20s it was for work and I found it really overwhelming and ran away from it as fast as I arrived. But when I went to live there and made some close friends, I understood the quality of life you can have because of the sunshine and outdoors lifestyle of the people. Even if you’re only visiting, you can seek out the jewels of the city from the locals.

Anything special I should pack?

If you’re going for a holiday, pack for warm weather and pack casually. Because unless you’re walking down a red carpet, everyone is pretty relaxed about what they wear. And if you ever do feel out of place, there are plenty of shops to choose from, including luxurious ones on Rodeo Drive as well as little vintage shops and markets, so you don’t have to spend a lot of money.

What do you miss most when you’re away?

Parks. Despite offering a wonderful beach life and hills to walk over, I appreciate parks and green space more now whenever I’m back in London. I used to take it for granted. Where I live in Acton, there is the most amazing park which is just like an extension of the English countryside. The changing seasons in London are pretty special. You don’t really get that in Los Angeles.

Where’s the best place to stay?

The Sunset Marquis Hotel (001 310 657 1333; in West Hollywood has a real history and musical edge to it. It’s fun, eclectic and while there’s a real scene, there are also corners you can hide away in. If you head to Santa Monica, the Viceroy (310 260 7500; is a great modern hotel.

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Mandy   Feb 2, 2015   Appearances, News & Rumours, Television

A Bear has taught two Foxes to survive in the wilderness – as actor cousins Emilia Fox and Laurence Fox join Bear Grylls on new TV series Mission Survive.

The upcoming ITV show sees famous adventurer Grylls take eight celebrities deep into an unforgiving Central American rainforest for a 12-day survival odyssey.

The line-up includes former England and Gloucester rugby centre Mike Tindall , currently starring in Channel 4 winter sports show The Jump , and double Olympic champion Dame Kelly Holmes.

Viewers will also see singer and actor Max George , TV presenter and singer Jamelia , comedy actor Tom Rosenthal and DJ, model and presenter Vogue Williams pushed to the limit.

Grylls, 40, will eliminate one contestant at the end of every episode before the crowning of the ‘Mission Survivor’.

The contestants have been taught to search for shelter, water, fire and food, abseil down ferocious waterfalls, cross perilous rapids, trudge through swamps, negotiate razor-sharp vines – and contend with scorpions, snakes and sand flies.

Laurence Fox, best know for playing Detective Sergeant James Hathaway in drama series Lewis, said he missed his wife Billie Piper, sons Winston and Eugene and cigarettes the most while filming the series.

Asked why he had signed up, the 36-year-old said his cousin Emilia had given him “almost no option”.

“As a relatively private person, it’s not something that I would ordinarily do,” he said.

“Whilst having lunch with my cousin Emilia last year, I asked her what she was up to next. She mentioned Mission Survive. I won’t say she forced, but let’s say she gave me almost no option but to accompany her on the trip as she was having butterflies.

“A phone call was made, and here we are.”

Emilia, 40, said that doing the show was a “once in a lifetime chance” to learn about survival from someone as experienced as Grylls.

Tindall, 36, also said that he had missed wife Zara Phillips and their daughter Mia during the shoot.

But he added: “It was an amazing opportunity and I feel so lucky to have had the chance to take part.”

Grylls, who will also return to Channel 4 later this year in the second series of The Island, is assisted on the ground by expedition and survival experts Megan Hine and Scott Heffield.

He said: “This show is all about empowerment and I am so proud of how the celebrity team who joined me on Mission Survive performed.

“It was without doubt a tough expedition, but also a very life-enhancing adventure for everyone involved.

“I would set them daily survival missions and would then regularly back away, leaving them to their own devices, so that they would learn by doing it and making mistakes.

“That’s the source of all genuine growth in a survivor. I was looking for the qualities that a survivor in a real-life scenario most needs: positivity, resourcefulness, courage, determination, and a whole heap of bloody mindedness.”


Mandy   Jan 26, 2015   Causes, Emilia


Emilia Fox plans to get every member of her famous acting family to sport a wacky hairstyle on Red Nose Day and support the Standard’s latest Comic Relief campaign.

The Silent Witness star, 40, called on the entire Fox acting dynasty — including her father Edward, brother Freddie and cousins Laurence and Lydia — to transform their hair to aid the fundraising effort. This year we’re calling on Londoners to “make your hair funny for money” on Red Nose Day, held on March 13, in a bid to raise thousands for Comic Relief.

Fox said: “I am going to do my utmost to get the entire Fox family to do something funny with their hair — wear a wig or backcomb it or whatever. I honestly don’t think any of them would be reluctant. It’s not hard to get actors to do something silly, is it? Especially not Freddie. He loves dressing up and showing off. And when it is for Comic Relief there is even more reason to get behind it.”

Fox’s father Edward starred in The Day of the Jackal while her mother is noted television actress Joanna David. Her cousin Laurence, married to Billie Piper, is perhaps best known for starring in Lewis, while younger brother Freddie, who has been linked to Prince Harry’s ex Cressida Bonas, stars in Channel Four’s Cucumber.

Speaking to the Standard, Fox asked Londoners to get behind the campaign, saying Comic Relief makes a “huge difference to the lives of others.”

She added: “It has raised an incredible amount of money for charities in the UK and Africa. It is lovely to be able to support the cause and hopefully raise even more money to go to people who need it. I would of course call on Londoners — and everyone — to support Comic Relief. By making your friends laugh you are making a huge difference to the lives of thousands of others. It’s not hard.”

As she donned a red wig for the Standard’s campaign, Fox said: “If I could have any hairstyle for the day it would be this fabulous and lavish classic birds nest that I am currently sporting. It is fabulous — it’s the colour and the amount of it and the style. I love it.

“Or, a similarly-coloured Mohican, shocking red. It would be fantastic. But I am not sure what the team at Silent Witness would say if I turned up for filming with a Mohican. We have had a lot of different hairstyles — but nothing as extreme as this.”

Fox, who has a four-year-old daughter from her previous relationship with actor Jeremy Gilley, said she often battles bad hair days on the school run.

She admitted: “I honestly have no idea how mothers have any time to make themselves up. It’s more a reflection on me than them as clearly I am not organised enough. I just don’t have the time to do anything with it. Every school run is a bad hair day for me.”

London-born Fox, who has starred as Dr Nikki Alexander in Silent Witness for 10 years, said coming episodes of the BBC crime drama would be a “treat” for Londoners as a lot of filming was done in the capital, including on the Underground.


Mandy   Jan 20, 2015   Interviews, Silent Witness, Television

Emilia Fox has hinted that the next Silent Witness two-partner contains “the hardest scenes” she has ever shot for the series.

Fox has played Dr. Nikki Alexander on the BBC One crime drama since 2004, but told Digital Spy that the next two episodes, which involve the death of a suspected paedophile and the case of a missing young girl, were the toughest ever to shoot.

“It’s quite a hard-hitting one,” she revealed. “I hope it’s dealt with authentically because I felt very invested in it. There were some scenes… I think they were the hardest scenes I’ve had to do in Silent Witness.”

The 18th series of Silent Witness will continue with two more two-parters, with the first concerning the Russian mafia and the second described by Fox as “a really good thriller in Essex nightclubs, dealing with criminal drug dealers”.

“It’s quite an energetic, raw one,” she said of the finale. “I think everyone has their antennae out for who Nikki might be involved with in this series – and that is taken right up until the last episode. There is a bit of a reveal for her personal life.”

Silent Witness will reach its 20th anniversary in 2016, with Fox crediting the show’s longevity to its unique premise and the two-parter format.

“The fact that they are standalone two-hour stories takes us into completely different worlds,” she suggested. “Each film has a different feel – different directors come on and bring their own energy and ideas to it.

“I think it keeps it an ever-evolving process and then the regular characters are the caretakers of those stories – so there’s the familiarity of those [characters] but also the ever-changing world around them.”

The actress, who has shot over 100 Silent Witness episodes, added that she has no plans to leave her role as Nikki.

“I’m very happy where I am,” she insisted. “But who knows? [The question is] does the audience still want Silent Witness? I really hope so!”