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    Are you Emilia?
    No, just a fan. This site is made by the fans for the fans – not Emilia herself! I cannot contact her for you.

    Can you contact Emilia for me?
    No, if you wish to get in touch with Emilia herself then go to the Contact Emilia page.

    Can I use images from your gallery?
    Yes, you can. They do not belong to me so the answer is yes. If you want to use graphics such as the header made for the site then don’t as that was made especially for Emilia Fox – An English Rose.

    Can I use images from the gallery for fan art?
    Yes, of course you can! Please send your work in too, we love receiving submissions! We will always credit you if we post your work.

    Does Emilia have an official website?
    No, and she is not on Facebook. Emilia has recently joined Twitter and you can follow her @EmiliaFox.