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  • Emilia Fox as narrator for Raymond Blanc: How to Cook Well – available on iPlayer

    Did you know that Emilia is the narrator for Raymond Blanc’s How to Cook Well show? You can catch up with all the episodes on the iPlayer. Links expire in 6 days!

    Episode Guide
    1. Slow Cooking
    2. Poaching
    3. Roasting
    4. Baking
    5. Frying
    6. BBQ & Grill

    Update: Film status & reward update for ‘Not Ever’ – short film by Ben Mourra

    EDIT: £10k have been reached which means the film IS getting made. Thanks everyone for spreading the word! I’m looking forward to the film :D

    * * *

    Kickstarter’s site has just been updated with a new reward: Emilia is going to sign all film posters :)

    With less than 12 hours left there’s still time to donate to the campaign:

    Update #5

    Emilia is going to personally sign all Film Posters!

    So, not only will you be investing in the UK independent film community but you’ll also get to keep (or to give to someone as a gift) the official ‘Not Ever’ Film Poster, featuring mesmerizingly beautiful and talented Emilia Fox, personally autographed by her.

    With only 12 hours to go now, we hope you can help us reach our target and get this film up on the big screen.


    Check out their other rewards @ kickstarter.com/projects/benm/not-ever-short-film!

    Source: kickstarter.com

    Interview with Ben Mourra about casting Emilia Fox for his short film ‘Not Ever’

    Make no mistake, the Shooting People community is full of amazing actors. Every project my brother and I make always starts with a nose around to see who might be suitable. Often a project actually benefits from casting an actor with little or no audience recognition and sometimes a lack of experience is more than made up for by a surfeit of raw talent.

    However there’s no escaping the fact that established actors tend to be established because they are astonishingly good at their job. Why would you not want the most skilful person you can find? Oddly many directors, especially those making their first films, will naturally look for experienced collaborators behind the camera or in the edit suit but will naturally assume that name actors are out of their grasp. Yet there are plenty of established performers who are only too keen to be involved in the right project.


    Emilia Fox. I mean her headshot alone makes you want to see the film doesn’t it!

    I first met Ben Mourra at the ECU film festival in Paris, where a short film he produced was in competition. A few years later Ben’s back with a sequel to this film and this time he’s taken on the role of writer and director. It’s his first short in those roles and yet he has none other than Emilia Fox taking the lead… clearly he’s doing something right.

    So I caught up with Ben, sadly this time not in Paris, to find out about his project and to find out what advice he’d have for other directors looking to secure star talent for short films…

    So what’s your film about?
    “Not Ever” is a 5 minute short film that explores the space in a relationship between the lover and the loved, between the wanting of more commitment and the overwhelming fear of letting someone into your world. And it’s within this gap that the story exists.
    We all know the scenario: The relationship is over. There’s no going back. And yet we can’t help playing things back in our head, over and over again. The last few scenes of the relationship. We’re looking for clues. Trying to understand.
    This film is about that.

    What drew you to this story and these characters?
    Some people say to write about what you know, but I would say that’s only half the story. I like to write about what I’d like to know more about, and that generally involves relationships and emotions: two things that regularly get the better of me in life. So writing a story that frames a situation that I’d like to know more about allows me to work through it, both in isolation and, more interestingly, with other people. If this sounds like therapy, it’s because it probably is! I find working on stories that I have both a knowledge and a curiosity of, is one of the most rewarding aspects of the collaborative filmmaking process! So to answer your question: In my life, I’ve been on both sides of the lover/loved disconnect, and I’ve also seen it up close with some of my friends, so I’m keen to explore this intriguing and mysterious aspect to how human relationships end.

    It’s part of a sequence of films you’re planning, what made you adopt that structure?
    Interesting question. Yes, this is the second film in a trilogy of short films. The first film was written and directed by a very talented friend of mine, Tito Sacchi. I produced it, because I really liked the script. The first film is about a man, standing on the ledge of a tall building, weighing up the consequences of his next step. He’s unable to forget, he’s tired of waiting and so he makes his choice. But not before checking his phone one more time. When I came up with my idea for this current film, I didn’t automatically think of it as a sequel to that one. But as I was shaping the story I soon realised how the situation could easily be a mirror of Tito’s story, and that interested me very much. I love films where storylines entwine, characters reappear, where events are foreshadowed and where the story has an intrinsic symmetry. Philosophically, I guess it helps bring additional meaning and purpose to otherwise random events. And so again, after writing this second film ‘Not Ever’, I started asking myself questions about the backstory and of what happens next. So the third film in the trilogy (which I’ve already written) explores the before and after of the first two films. Confused yet? Anyway, all three films have been written to work on their own (I dislike ‘to be continued’ endings to a film!) But if you do watch more than one, you’ll see threads that run through the trilogy that will hopefully provoke more thought about the subject and depth to the interpretation.

    So this film is set to star Emilia Fox… how on earth did you get an actress of her standing to take a role in a short film?
    I know! The role is challenging to say the least, especially in terms of the required vulnerability, so for an actor of her calibre to embark on this challenge with an unknown director and on a low-fee / low-budget project is truly rare.

    Was she easy to approach?
    Not really, as she’s a relatively private person who doesn’t use Twitter/Facebook. My thought was to initially try to ‘bump’ into her and pitch my idea in person but a friend of mine who works in theatre said that that was a risky approach. She recommended that I definitely go through Emilia’s agent. So after a bit of research on the interwebs I eventually found out who that was. I called and spoke to her agent and was told to send through my script and details of the project. Every actor / agent relationship is different, but generally an agent will have a strong influence over whether the actor will even get to see your script. So I would recommend having a budget in mind for the actor’s fee. Obviously Emilia can command a much higher fee than what we could afford, but we did offer an amount that I feel showed that we respected her importance to the project (and also respected her agent’s role.) Emilia, like many actors that are still doing it for the right reasons, isn’t money driven so thankfully our suggested fee wasn’t a showstopper.

    What are the key elements about the project that you feel made it attractive to an established performer like Emilia?
    Firstly, it’s character-driven. I’ve seen a lot of amazing films especially short films that are visually beautiful, use quirky camera / editing styles and push the boundaries of what is possible on film. Sometimes though, they can be lacking in story and character and it can feel a bit like eating the icing without the cake. For me, story and character come first, and then I think about how these elements can influence any stylistic devices used. Generally this approach means that the script ends up being more attractive to actors.

    Secondly, most actors are looking for a challenging role, something that captures their imagination and will push them into new territory. Not only because they personally enjoy this challenge, but also in order to showcase the diversity of their abilities and avoid being typecast. If you are seeking an actor’s involvement in your project, you really need to understand what motivates them as an actor, what roles their body of work to date cover and what roles might push them and challenge them into new territory.

    Finally, some actors are generous towards wanting to support new directors and giving something back to the filmmaking community. Thankfully for me, Emilia is such a person.

    Did you write the part specifically for her?
    No, the idea for the film came first. But as I went through the process of development and shaping the story and characters, I found it useful to visualise certain actors playing the roles. But I didn’t imagine at the time that Emilia might be interested in actually playing the role! But can you look for inspiration for a film, based on your research of what role a specific actor might find challenging? Probably. And when it comes to pitching the project to them, that approach would certainly show your respect for the actor’s abilities.

    What’s your budget and how are you finding the money?
    When Emilia confirmed, we decided to raise the production values of the film, which effectively doubled the budget to around £16K. Obviously I’m throwing my own savings into the project, because I really believe in it and I understand how important it is in helping me make the films I want to make in the next five years. But that left us £10K short, so we decided to go down the crowdfunding route. Our Kickstarter campaign is an all or nothing approach, so there’s a lot riding on us reaching our target. Thankfully we got to the halfway milestone after only four days, but the campaign is only running for a fortnight and we still have a long way to go. I truly hope we do get the opportunity to put Emilia up on the big screen, delivering an intensely dark performance, within an intensely dark story. These types of stories, and short films generally, are hard to finance via traditional means.

    The plan is to shoot early September for a late October release to the festival circuit, so it’s become very exciting and very busy all at once!

    Just because Ben has a star like Emilia attached to his project it doesn’t make it any more certain that he’ll get his budget together, it just means that if he does we can all be assured that the end results will be fascinating. Ben has been a Shooter for some years so I’d urge you all to put a couple of quid into his.

    Source: shootingpeople.org

    Your support for Emilia’s new project: ‘Not Ever’ – (short film by Ben Mourra) needed!

    Hello everyone! I have got some great news for y’all! Emilia just joined a new project called “Not Ever“, a short film by Ben Mourra, which needs your support!

    For more information on it I’d suggest you to watch this video (you can also watch it below) since all important questions are being answered there:

    Abandoned by her fiancé, Emily is determined to leave him one final message he will never forget.

    So, what’s the story?

    We all know the scenario: The relationship is over. There’s no going back. And yet we can’t help playing things back in our head, over and over again. The last few scenes of the relationship. We’re looking for clues. Trying to understand.

    This film is about that.

    The story explores the space in a relationship between the lover and the loved, between the wanting of more commitment and the overwhelming fear of letting someone into your world. And it’s within this gap that Emily’s story exists.

    If you’re still interested keep on reading… :)

    **UPDATE 2**: We’re absolutely thrilled to announce that the lead role is going to be played by none other than the amazing, Emilia Fox, star of BBC’s drama, ‘Silent Witness’.

    Emilia first came to my attention in The Pianist (Roman Polanski), but for most people, they first saw her playing Mr Darcy’s sister in Pride and Prejudice. She’s also starred in films such as David Copperfield, Cashback and Dorian Gray, etc. Emilia comes from an acting dynasty that spans many generations; including her parents Joanna David and Edward Fox. Not only is Emilia an accomplished actress but she is PERFECT to the play the intensely dark lead role of Emily in Not Ever.

    Now you’re probably asking how you can support this project? Well, it’s in need of funding and that’s where we can help!

    Why do you need the funding?

    The project has been very carefully budgeted. We’re keeping our crew small and our approach simple so that we keep expenses down to only those that directly serve the story. A number of us, including myself, won’t be taking a fee but there are a few important costs that still need to be covered, including:
    - the hiring of equipment,
    - of key creative roles, specialists in their fields,
    - experienced actors,
    - set dressing & props, and
    - Post-production.
    How can I help?

    With Kickstarter it’s an ALL OR NOTHING approach. If we hit our target, the film gets made. If we don’t, then no pledges are taken, so whether or not you are able to back this project financially, please share this campaign with your friends. Getting the word out is the hardest part for us, and we are only running this campaign for a fortnight, so there’s not much time.
    OK, I’ve got it. But what’s in it for me?

    Check out the great rewards on offer for people that back this project.

    But also, your kind pledges are an investment in independent filmmaking, telling the human stories that the big Hollywood production houses don’t feel are commercial enough, and supporting artists who in their own areas of specialty are passionate about collectively delivering an immersive experience up on the big screen.

    Please do feel free to get in contact if you have any questions about the project. Thanks for getting this far! :)

    There are only a couple of hours left but I think it’s still possible to make this happen! So, another great perk is that you can donate just £1 and it WILL be added. You know, everything starts small but in the end every donation counts :D Check out their rewards too… last but not least please help spreading the word – via Twitter, FB, Tumblr and tell your friends. Thanks!

    Source: kickstarter.com
    Thanks also to Cat Seekins @ screencult.com who was so kind and emailed me about this project!

    Gallery Update, The Wipers Times – Promotional Photos

    I added 2 promo photos from ‘The Wipers Times‘, Emilia’s latest project, to the gallery. Hope you enjoy!

    Happy Birthday Emilia Fox!

    Good morning everyone!
    It’s Millie’s birthday today and we’d like to wish her all the best, happiness, and that her wishes may come true!
    Have a great day full of joy!!! :)


    Emilia Fox is to appear in a CBeebies show – with her actress mum Joanna David

    Emilia Fox keeps it in the family

    SILENT Witness star Emilia Fox is to appear in a CBeebies show – with her actress mum Joanna David.

    Emilia plays eccentric astronomer Olga Orbit in kids’ favourite Grandpa In My Pocket, which stars James Bolam.

    A CBeebies source said: “Olga comes to Sunnysands to stay at the Mill, the new B&B which features in this series, and observe the stars.

    “She sees more than she could have imagined when Captain Dumbletwit’s spaceship flies through her telescope’s viewfinder.”

    The source added: “It’s a one-off guest appearance and Emilia has a little girl of CBeebies age so is the perfect person to take on the role.”

    Source: thesun.ie

    Gallery Update, ‘Silent Witness’ series 17 on the set photos

    While doing some ‘behind the scenes’ work on the gallery I found these 3 on the set photos which were taken in May. Follow the link below to see the HQ’s in our gallery :)

    Television Series > Silent Witness (2004-2013) > Series 17 > On the Set, filming at The Royal Courts Of Justice – May 27th, 2013

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