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  • Grandpa in my Pocket – Video Preview Clips & Captures

    I posted the trailer before but here are two segments as short video previews of her character ‘Olga Orbit‘. Millie’s episode airs Monday at 5.25pm on the CBeebies channel. Don’t miss it ;)

    Gallery Link:
    Television Series > Grandpa in my Pocket (2014) > HD Trailer Captures

    Silent Witness ‘Undertone’ HD Captures & new Trailer

    Can you believe it? Just two more episodes of Silent Witness and series 17 is over already.
    It’s been some interesting episodes for sure… here are the HD captures from ‘Undertone’ – also, uploaded a trailer for next Thursday’s episode 17×09: ‘Fraternity‘.

    Gallery Links:
    Television Series > Silent Witness (2004-2014) > Series 17 > Screen Captures > Undertone: Part 1
    Television Series > Silent Witness (2004-2014) > Series 17 > Screen Captures > Undertone: Part 2

    Thanks @Kathryn Morris UK!

    Gallery Update: Emilia Fox leaving the ITV Studios – 23 January

    Uploaded 6 HQ photos of Emilia leaving the ITV Studios where she recorded her ‘This Morning’ interview :)

    Appearances > 2014 > 23rd Jan | Leaving the ITV Studios

    Gallery Update: Emilia Fox leaving the BBC Radio 2 Studios – 24 January

    EDIT: Added 14 additional HQ photos!

    I’ve updated the gallery with 10 new HQ photos from this morning… hope you like them.

    Appearances > 2014 > 24th Jan | Leaving the BBC Studios

    Emilia Fox on BBC Radio 4′s Woman’s Hour – 20 January

    EDIT: Listen to her interview here:

    Emilia will be on Woman’s Hour this Monday at 10am. Don’t miss it! :)

    Jane Garvey is joined by the actors Emilia Fox and Emma Fielding to talk about their roles in a new play about the choices and regrets of a stay at home mum and a successful academic.

    US writer Gina Gionfriddo’s play Rapture, Blister, Burn is premiering for the first time in the UK after a successful run in New York last year. It addresses the issue of gender politics and whether women can have it all. The two protagonists, Cathy and Gwen, both in their 40s, have taken different life paths. Cathy, an academic who has remained single, and Gwen, a stay at home mum, both covet each other’s life choices.

    Rapture, Blister, Burn is at Hampstead Theatre in London until 22 February

    Source: bbc.co.uk

    Collection of ‘Rapture, Blister, Burn’ Theatre Reviews

    It’s always a bit difficult to keep track of all the theatre reviews when they come out so here’s a master’s post with a collection of what was said about Emilia’s role and acting! :)


    There’s impressive acting all round from the five-strong cast. Confident central turns from Fielding and Fox are bolstered by strong support from Shannon Tarbet as a preternaturally wise 21-year-old student full of the absolute certainty of youth and Adam James as the lone male, idling his life away while the women fret.


    Emilia Fox is sexy, sharp and touching as the academic hot-shot who yearns for a loving relationship; Emma Fielding is excellent as the unhappy obsessive wife, and Adam James gives a delightfully rueful performance as her slacker of a husband. There’s strong support too from Shannon Tarbet as the babysitter, a funky young woman with a bright spark about her; and Polly Adams brings great warmth to the play as the wise old mum who makes a mean martini.

    It’s a highly intelligent play, but beyond the witty debate it is the wise humanity of the piece that impresses most.


    Writer Gina Gionfriddo even offers us a brief history of feminism through Cathy’s lectures, a media-savvy academic played by Emilia Fox.

    The classroom moments are fun if you enjoy lectures, but they are very long and a bit unnecessary — to watch a play about feminism do you really need to know about Phyllis Schlafly’s opposition to the equal rights movement? If you’ve been dragged here and feminism just ain’t your thing don’t worry, though, Fox appears wearing only heels and sexy underwear in the second half, so there’s something for everyone.

    In a coup for the theatre, this is Fox’s first play in ten years. She sparkles, portraying a sexy, ambitious woman in her early forties. But she covets the life of sweet, seemingly unthreatening Gwen (Emma Fielding) her college buddy and the woman who stole her university boyfriend, married him and became a stay-at-home mum. And conveniently, Gwen’s got itchy feet too.


    It’s powered by some great performances: Fox is kind, charismatic and subtly fragile, Tarbet scene-stealingly bratty, Adam James heartbreakingly shlubbish as Gwen’s husband Don. Under Peter DuBois’s relaxed direction, ‘Rapture, Blister, Burn’ gains momentum but never tries to make a crisis out of a domestic drama.

    Instead Gionfriddo simply trusts that her play will hold our interest through the batting around of awkward questions. And she’s right.


    Played by svelte Emilia Fox with a stateside accent, Catherine has become a hot academic and TV pundit, in chic leather jacket and killer heels. Her books on pornography and the corruption of feminism have got her “the sexy scholar gig”, as Adam James’s Don teasingly puts it.


    But when Don and Catherine’s affair gets going, this becomes a properly dramatic piece of work and you can see why Fox took it on, ten years after she vowed to give up theatre for good after getting stinker reviews for her role in a West End revival of Les Liaisons Dangereuses.
    Fox stops lecturing and presents a more human and rounded Catherine, whose tragedy is being so lonely and taken to family life that it means taking on a man like Don. Whether she can work through that… well you’ll have to catch the play to find out.

    Gallery Update: ‘Rapture, Blister, Burn’ Press Night & In Production HQ Photos

    Lots of new photos are up in the gallery, follow the links below to see them in HQ.

    Press Night Previews

    In Production

    Theatre Projects > Rapture Blister Burn (2013/14) > In Production
    Appearances > 2014 > 22nd Jan | ‘Rapture, Blister, Burn’ Press Night

    Gallery Update: Emilia Fox on the ‘This Morning’ Show – 23 January 2014

    Uploaded 16 stunning HQ stills from the show as well as 2 BTS photos. She looks fab! Just a natural beauty, isn’t she? :) Here are some previews:

    Behind the Scenes


    Interviews & TV Appearances > Interviews & Appearances 2014 > 23rd Jan | ITV This Morning – BTS
    Interviews & TV Appearances > Interviews & Appearances 2014 > 23rd Jan | ITV This Morning – Stills

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