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The Jacques Vert Group’s Mum & Me Coatwalk brand ambassadors are award winning British mother and daughter actress duo Emilia Fox and Joanna David. Emilia Fox, Silent Witness actress, and Joanna David, who is appearing in the new series of Downtown Abbey, will be special guests at Jacques Vert Group’s Mum & Me Coatwalk event, taking place on 26th October on London’s Southbank.

The Mum & Me Coatwalk campaign has been launched by Jacques Vert Group to celebrate the special emotional bond between mothers and their children, as well as to raise funds for breast cancer charity initiative Think Pink.

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Check out the first photo from the Mum & Me Coatwalk Campaign:

They’re truly looking gorgeous… :)

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Emilia and her father, actor Edward Fox, will attend the Salisbury Cathedral Carol Concert on 6th December:

Salisbury Cathedral Carol Concert
6th Dec 2013 7:30 pm

In aid of Help for Heroes and ABF The Soldiers’ Charity

The pre-concert reception has now sold out. Tickets for the concert continue to be available.

Come and join us for a spectacular concert, which will include traditional carols, outstanding music from the Band and Bugles of The Rifles, the famous Military Wives Choir, a soloist and the renowned Salisbury Cathedral Choir, all in the glorious surroundings of Salisbury Cathedral.

There will be readings by: Actress Emilia Fox, a familiar face from the BBC1 series ‘Silent Witness’ and her father the highly respected stage and screen actor, Edward Fox OBE; stage and television actor David Oakes well known for playing George – Duke of Clarence in the BBC’s recent production, The White Queen; plus a veteran from Afghanistan, Captain David Henson, Royal Engineers.

A champagne and canapés reception will be taking place prior to the concert for VIPs, special guests and £55 ticket holders, at the Wardrobe (The Rifles Regimental Museum). This is located in The Close itself and is a few minutes’ walk from the Cathedral.

Please note, there is no parking in The Close

Champagne Reception and Concert Ticket – SOLD OUT

Concert Tickets Only


*All tickets purchased online will be subject to a £1.50 booking fee per ticket. Tickets purchased in person or on the telephone do not incur additional charges.

To view all terms and conditions of sale please click here

Help for Heroes Limited, a company limited by guarantee. Registered in England and Wales under number 6363256.Registered charity number 1120920. Registered office: Steynings House, Summerlock Approach, Salisbury, SP2 7RJ.

ABF The Soldiers’ Charity is a registered charity in England and Wales (1146420) and registered as a company limited by guarantee in England and Wales (07974609). Registered Office: Mountbarrow House, 6-20 Elizabeth Street, London, SW1W 9RB

Proceeds for this event will be equally shared between both charities.

Source: cityhallsalisbury.co.uk

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House Of Frasier is giving you the chance of seeing the Mum & Me catwalk show on 26th October. Visit their blog for more information and to win 2 tickets for the Mum&Me Jacques Vert Coatwalk show.

Check out the brand page as well:

Featuring 156 coats from Jacques Vert Group’s collection of Elegant British Brands, all of which have been designed in Britain and are inspired by timeless styles and current trends, the Coatwalk will give you a chance to chose a coat that you, and your mum, will love. Shop Mum & Me Coatwalk

Source: blog.houseoffraser.co.uk

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Added another one:

Thanks fashionistaldn & culturecompass for these!

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Emilia Fox and Joanna David model coats from Jacques Vert Group’s collection of elegant British brands.

My mother has a vague understanding of my job as a journalist and what it involves. In fact it has become less vague of late due to her being on the listening end of numerous stressed rants about the difficulties of being a freelance journalist in 2013…I digress.

She always enjoys hearing about the ‘celebs’ that I interview or share a space (and canapes) with at events – although more often than not I’m not entirely sure she knows who they they are. She also likes to coo at the extravagances offered to us – the goody bags and freebies that perk us up when stressed with deadlines. Last week I was gifted with a lovely opportunity to let Mum join me on a ‘work’ night out and give her a treat in the process.

For Jacques Vert Group’s Mum and Me Coatwalk campaign my mother and I were invited to the rather swish hotel The Lansborough to enjoy a launch event with ambassadors and award winning acting duo Emilia Fox and her mum Joanna David. Independent research* carried out by Jacques Vert Group concluded that almost half (46%) of those surveyed said shopping is the number one activity they spend time doing with their mums with 70% agreeing that they would be most likely to go shopping with their mum. The concept of the Mum & Me Coatwalk focuses on this special bond between mum and daughter.

When I was a teenager shopping trips with my mum usually resulted in a fall-out on a spectacular level. The hunt for school shoes was always the most volatile of quests – I wanted brands names, a platform (higher than the school allowed), a key that went in the bottom (Clarks Magic Steps), or a red and green sticker (Kickers). Mum of course wanted classic, reasonably priced and durable.

We’d of course also have a difference of opinion when it came to flesh baring and certain trends that veered on the ‘alternative.’ But now, as I near my thirties (ugh), we have somehow met in the middle…(on the most part). I now see the value in classic items, particularly when it comes to winter coats and realize I don’t I have to tap all the trends that emerge on the street/catwalk and are dictated as must-haves in the magazine.

o after accidentally crashing another function when getting lost in the glamorous maze of halls and suites we finally got to meet the correct team who talked us through the collection on display. Knowing that we would get to choose one each for the collection to wear this winter we pondered the advantages of each design. The collarless designs tap in to that cute 60?s trends, Camel is always chic, pink coats are the pick for this season, fur trims are luxurious and glam….etc. Mum decided on her winner first, the Jacques Vert Classic Black Full-Length Coat. Its the sort of coat that you see elegant women swishing while they walk through Paris arm and arm with a gorgeous male. I eventually plumped for the Jacques Vert Palamino Cape. i’ve never had a coat of that shape and I quite fancied the prospect of feeling the opulent fur against my neck this season.

So after we’d made our decision mum indulged in a few glasses of champers and more than a few grabs from the canape trays while we waited for the guests on honour. While mum was eager to see what Joanna David looked like in the flesh, while informing me of her the upcoming appearance in Downton Abbey, I was eager to see Silent Witness star Emilia, having always envied her petite frame and fragile beauty.

Once they arrived – I can also confirm Emilia’s features are as delicately pretty in the flesh – we watched the amusing promotional video featuring both stars, who giggled along with invited crowd of mums and daughters. Their close and fun bond was evident and as they said their reasons for taking part in the campaign you saw the family duos laced throughout the room give each-other a knowing look or nudge. There were some other faces that my mum not only knew but got a little bit excited about being in ear-wigging distance of – including Angela Rippon, who mum ensured would be in the background of some of our self taken photographs.

After posing on the press board for some mum/daughter photographic mementos it seemed about time to take mum home. She’s not used to drinking champagne and it was starting to be obvious…if you know what I mean! So a very happy, but flushed, Mum and I ventured home feeling chuffed about our new winter coats and appreciative of having the opportunity to hang out together during a working week.

The campaign will launch October 2013, leading with an exclusive Mum & Me Coatwalk collection, inspired by iconic designs and current trends and featuring brands: Kaliko, Planet, Precis, Windsmoor, Minuet Petite, Jacques Vert, Dash and Eastex. The collection will mark Jacques Vert Group’s largest ever investment in coats (20% increase year-on-year), and will include classic and contemporary styles to appeal to mothers and daughters, offering elegance, confidence, the highest quality and the best British designs. Prices will range from £230 to £299, available in sizes eight to 22. The Mum & Me Coatwalk collection consists of 156 different coat styles that will feature 12 hero coats from Jacques Vert Groups’, elegant British brands. . Debenhams will be exclusively selling the Windsmoor mid length Palomino coat, priced at £299, with a percentage of sales going to the breast cancer charity initiative Think Pink.

Source: culturecompass.co.uk

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Anther gallery which I’m sure you’ll like… what do you think? Special thanks adelaide-kane.com for these!

Interviews & TV Appearances > Interviews & Appearances 2012 > 20th June | This Morning
Appearances > 2013 > 08th July | RHS Hampton Court Flower Showhamp

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Added lots of HQ stills from Things To Do Before You’re 30, Marple, Fallen Angel & The Wrong Mans. Hope you enjoy!

Movie Productions > Things To Do Before You’re 30 (2004) > Stills
Television Series > Marple: The Moving Finger (2006) > Promotional
Television Series > Fallen Angel (2007) > Stills
Television Series > The Wrong Mans (2013) > Stills