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    If you wish to get in contact with Emilia, then you can use the fan mail address below. I do not accept messages to Emilia directly from my webmaster@emilia-fox.com inbox, or from a contact form. If you wish to send fan mail to Emilia properly, then follow the instructions below.

    If you are writing to Emilia and hoping for a reply or signed photo etc. then you must send an SAE (Stamped Addressed Envelope) alongside your letter, and she should reply. If you do not want anything back and are just writing to her, you are fine. If you live outside the UK but wish to contact Emilia, make sure you send Internal Reply Coupons along with your letter and the SAE.

    Emilia Fox
    Independent Talent Group Ltd.
    Oxford House
    76 Oxford Street
    London W1D 1BS