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You may have seen her in British productions like Merlin, Silent Witness, or The Wrong Mans. She's recently starred in 'The Secrets' and will be back with series 18 of Silent Witness soon.
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Vicki   Mar 9, 2011   Site Updates

Denise van Outen may have given up breastfeeding for fear of the paparazzi, but Emilia Fox tells Mandrake that she feels her baby’s needs outweigh hers.

“When Rose wants it, you’ve just got to do it, otherwise you’ve got a hurricane on your hands,” the star of Silent Witness says at a party to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the retail chain Mamas & Papas.

“I don’t know if I’ve been photographed, but you give up caring about all that sort of rubbish. I was whipping them out everywhere.”

Rose, whose father is the peace campaigner Jeremy Gilley, was born in November.


Vicki   Mar 2, 2011   Site Updates

The 36-year-old, Fox who gave birth to Rose 15 weeks ago says Laurence and Billie, who have an 18-month son, Winston, are the most natural parents she has ever met.

“He is brilliant” she said. “My midwife Jenny said she had never seen a dad like Laurence change a nappy.

Winston is a firecracker yet he can do it one handed.”

Although able to pull off a polished look on the red carpet Emilia – whose partner is film-maker and charity campaigner Jeremy Gilley – confesses that she spends more time getting Rose ready to go out than herself.

She explained: “It does change your life entirely, like trying to get out anywhere.

I’m embarrassed I’m always so late. But hours just drift away trying to get her ready.

I don’t have jewellery on and my fingernails went wrong trying to paint them.”

The Silent Witness actress added that she was “mortified” when pictures of her waterskiing on holiday in Barbados emerged.

“That was so embarrassing. I wouldn’t show my body to anyone. I had no idea that there were people taking pictures. I don’t show off my body. But my God it was a good incentive to get me back into the gym.”


Vicki   Feb 22, 2011   Site Updates

Here is an image from the shoot Emilia did, thank you to Sugar Mouse.

Vicki   Feb 17, 2011   Site Updates

Vicki   Feb 17, 2011   Site Updates

I have added images from the latest events.

Vicki   Feb 5, 2011   Site Updates

Thanks to Sugar_Mouse, if anyone could get the photoshoot that would be fantastic.

And screencaps.

Mandy   Feb 2, 2011   1 Comment Site Updates

Emilia attended the Rodial BEAUTIFUL Awards, yesterday, i’ve added images of her to the gallery, enjoy! :D

Vicki   Feb 2, 2011   Site Updates

I have added screencaps from the final episode of series 14.

Note: Due to the nature of the show, some captures are not suitable for younger fans!