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You may have seen her in British productions like Merlin, Silent Witness, or The Wrong Mans. She's recently starred in 'The Secrets' and will be back with series 18 of Silent Witness soon.
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Mandy   Mar 28, 2011   1 Comment Site Updates

We have a new layout, the header is made by me and coding by the amazing, I really hope you like it, it’s the first graphic i’ve made in a long time lol, if you see any errors, do send us a comment! Also, do follow us on our new twitter account, for all the latest site & Emilia news!

Mandy   Mar 27, 2011   Site Updates

I’ve replaced the Merlin series two captures with better quality ones, along with captures from the extras, enjoy!

Mandy   Mar 25, 2011   Site Updates

Cast Emilia Fox in anything these days and the chances are that her baby, Rose, will come as part of the package.

“I’m back to filming Merlin on Monday,” says the star of Silent Witness at a catwalk show for the Vanessa G fashion label at the Banqueting House in Whitehall.

“I can’t wait to get back, but I can’t be away from Rose for too long after spending the last four and a half months with her, so I’ll either bring her with me or go home frequently.

“Now I have to switch back into career mode it will be a bit of a shock.”


Yay, so glad she’s returning to Merlin!! :D

Mandy   Mar 24, 2011   Site Updates

Emilia looked simply stunning at the Vanessa G Launch Party yesterday, i’ve added images to the gallery, enjoy!

Mandy   Mar 23, 2011   Site Updates

I’ve added some stunning new/old photoshoots to the gallery, Emilia looks simply amazing, enjoy! :D

Mandy   Mar 22, 2011   Site Updates

I’ve added loads of missing appearances and event images for 2001-2011 to the gallery, enjoy! :D

Mandy   Mar 19, 2011   Site Updates

Hi everyone, sadly Vicki had to leave us but she’s handed the site over to me, Mandy, i’ve been the co-web at Adoring Emilia Fox for a while. Thanks to Vicki for giving me the chance to run the site, she’s done such an amazing job, so hopefully I can carry on her great work! I have lots planned for the site, so do keep checking back for new updates and content.

Vicki   Mar 9, 2011   Site Updates

I have added a new photoshoot, its in aid of Climate Week. You can buy the t-shirts at Tesco.