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Posted by · Vicki on Jul 25, 2011

I have taken the site back, I missed it,  thank you Gertie, I’m planning on getting a new layout so please check back.

Thanks for Mandy for all she’s done.

Posted by · Mandy on Jun 11, 2011

I’ve added a stunning new photoshoot of Emilia at her home, to the gallery, enjoy! :D

Posted by · Mandy on Jun 6, 2011

I have updated the gallery with captures of Emilia’s small part in, The Virgin Queen episode two, she was so good as Lady Amy Dudley, I wish she had been in it more, enjoy!

Posted by · Mandy on May 30, 2011

As much as I loved the other one, I wanted to have something a bit different and use one of my favourite photoshoot pictures of Emilia, I hope you like it and if you see any errors or want to tell me what you think of the new look, do leave a comment, enjoy! :D

Posted by · Mandy on May 30, 2011

Growing up as a Snow, a Suchet or a Fox, who could resist following in the family footsteps? Five London dynasties talk to Hannah Nathanson about working with their nearest and dearest.

Emilia Fox, 36
I wasn’t aware of my parents’ jobs until I went away to board at Bryanston aged 13. Then people started assuming that because they were actors we lived this luxurious Hollywood lifestyle, but my upbringing was totally the opposite. Some of my earliest memories of growing up are getting dressed while standing over an electric heater to keep warm. Amazing people embroidered my childhood, such as Fred Zinnemann, who directed The Day of the Jackal, and the cellist Jacqueline du Pré. My parents told me not to act until I had a degree and thank God they did because it’s one of the things I feel most proud about. When we were on set together for Pride and Prejudice I was the school swot and Mum was the life and soul. She would be up leading the party with Colin Firth, having a wild time. My six-month-old daughter Rose has been on set with me a few times and she loves the attention. I have a romantic fantasy that because I was pregnant while filming Silent Witness and Merlin she will have absorbed it all.

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Posted by · Mandy on May 29, 2011

I’m sure like me, you guys are wondering what happened to A Thousand Kisses Deep, well i’ve come across a trailer! I have to say Emilia looks simply amazing in it, can’t wait to see her working with Dougray Scott again. I have also added a still and poster from the movie, to our gallery, enjoy!

Posted by · Mandy on May 28, 2011

Emilia is set to talk at this years How The Light Gets In Festival in Hay on the 5th June 2011 at 4pm. For more infomation on the festival and to book tickets, visit www.howthelightgetsin.org!

Event [353]
Sunday 5 June 2011
Venue: International Tent

Philosophy Session
The Great Escape

Philip Pullman, Emilia Fox, Gwyneth Jones, Mike Figgis. Andrew Copson chairs.

From Narnia to Ankh-Morpork to Hogwarts, our exposure to the fantastical is soaring to new heights. Is fantasy simply an escape from a hostile world or a triumphant way of dealing with the realities of every day?

Award-winning novelists Gwyneth Jones and Philip Pullman, stage and screen actress Emilia Fox and film director Mike Figgis join Andrew Copson for a journey beyond reality.

In association with the British Humanist Association.

Posted by · Mandy on May 24, 2011

I’ve added captures of Emilia in Silent Witness series ten, to the gallery, enjoy!

Note: Due to the nature of the show, some captures are not suitable for younger fans!