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Vicki   Jul 23, 2010   Site Updates

Richard E Grant has hailed his new comedy The Man Who Married Himself a tragedy.

The Withnail And I star plays the title character alongside British acting talents Warren Clark, Emilia Fox and Celia Imrie in director Garrick Hamm’s short film, and confessed the idea in reality filled him with dread.

Richard joked: “Having been married 23 years myself… being married to yourself is tragic!”

The 53-year-old actor confessed he enjoyed filming his solo wedding night. He revealed he most looked forward to “my wedding night scene and to be seen post-pleasuring myself with the entire range of Ann Summers around me”.

Richard explained he was drawn to the title of the film.

He said: “You know it’s going to be unusual. And Charlie Fish had written such an off-the-wall story. It has an internal logic that just appealed to me. I thought it was a wonderful idea.


Vicki   Jul 20, 2010   Site Updates

Apart from the Oscars, where else would you find a room full of so many beautiful, glamorous, and talented women? Well, the answer is: at the biennial lunch for African Solutions to African Problems (ASAP) hosted by the charity’s founder, Priscilla Higham, in London.

The lunch was held within the Louise T. Blouin Institute’s very cool white walls, an antidote to the baking-hot weather outside and the perfect setting for such a colorful gathering. Guests including Lady Helen Taylor, photographer Mary McCartney, designers Bella Freud and Rifat Ozbek, models Laura Bailey and Saffron Aldridge, interior designer Amber Aikens, and actors Emilia Fox, Nick Reding, and Rupert Everett sat down to platters of Itsu sushi, Pret a Manger sandwiches, carrot and lemon cake, and chocolate popcorn, all laid out on multi-colored kikoys. Wild flowers filled hand-painted jam jars, and each guest was given a beautiful handmade beaded blossom to take home. Everything had been donated—even the South African rosé.


Vicki   Jul 11, 2010   Site Updates

I have added a scan from last year’s Tatler magazine.

Vicki   Jul 10, 2010   Site Updates

Consuming Passion – BBC4 – 10th July – 11:45pm
Ballet Shoes – Watch – 17th July – 6:15pm
Ballet Shoes – Watch – 18th July – 3:15pm
Things To Do Before You’re 30 – BBC2 – 19th July – 12:00am

Vicki   Jul 5, 2010   1 Comment Site Updates

And screencaps.

Vicki   Jul 2, 2010   Site Updates

The producer of BBC One’s Merlin has revealed what fans can expect from the show’s third series.

Speaking to SFX, Johnny Capps admitted that Arthur is unlikely to discover Merlin’s true magical nature in the forthcoming episodes.

He explained: “I think that part of the format of the show is that Merlin keeps his magic a secret, just as Superman keeps his identity secret – and I think Arthur not knowing about it is the heart of the show.

“Presumably at some point Arthur would find out, but I think that would be very late on.”

Capps also revealed that the fate of Morgana, played by Katie McGrath, will be explored.

“Within the first five minutes you catch up as to where our characters have been. Camelot has been very focused on the search for Morgana, and Uther has been very concerned about where his ward is.” he said. “But when she comes back it’s very intriguing as to where her allegiances lie and what’s happened to her. She’s been on quite a journey.”

Emilia Fox, who previously appeared as Morgana’s villainous half-sister Morgause, will also return for the new run.

The third series of Merlin will air on BBC One later this year.


Vicki   Jun 25, 2010   2 Comments Site Updates

I have added a new photoshoot.

Vicki   Jun 24, 2010   Site Updates

Rebecca is being shown on ITV3 at 10.40 am on Wednesday the 3rd of June and Thursday the 4th of July.