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    I have added a scan from last year’s Tatler magazine.

    TV Alerts

    Consuming Passion – BBC4 – 10th July – 11:45pm
    Ballet Shoes – Watch – 17th July – 6:15pm
    Ballet Shoes – Watch – 18th July – 3:15pm
    Things To Do Before You’re 30 – BBC2 – 19th July – 12:00am

    Emilia’s Ophelia

    And screencaps.

    Producer Reveals New “Merlin” Details

    The producer of BBC One’s Merlin has revealed what fans can expect from the show’s third series.

    Speaking to SFX, Johnny Capps admitted that Arthur is unlikely to discover Merlin’s true magical nature in the forthcoming episodes.

    He explained: “I think that part of the format of the show is that Merlin keeps his magic a secret, just as Superman keeps his identity secret – and I think Arthur not knowing about it is the heart of the show.

    “Presumably at some point Arthur would find out, but I think that would be very late on.”

    Capps also revealed that the fate of Morgana, played by Katie McGrath, will be explored.

    “Within the first five minutes you catch up as to where our characters have been. Camelot has been very focused on the search for Morgana, and Uther has been very concerned about where his ward is.” he said. “But when she comes back it’s very intriguing as to where her allegiances lie and what’s happened to her. She’s been on quite a journey.”

    Emilia Fox, who previously appeared as Morgana’s villainous half-sister Morgause, will also return for the new run.

    The third series of Merlin will air on BBC One later this year.



    I have added a new photoshoot.

    TV Alerts

    Rebecca is being shown on ITV3 at 10.40 am on Wednesday the 3rd of June and Thursday the 4th of July.

    Fox Flutters Into Butterfly Charity Role

    British actress Emilia Fox has become patron of a new butterfly sanctuary in the U.K, after falling in love with the winged insects when they fluttered overhead on her wedding day.

    The Pianist star is backing the huge $40 million (£27 million) Butterfly World in southern England, which has been founded to preserve the future of the delicate creatures in Britain.

    Fox was asked to support the project by lepidopterist Clive Farrell, the expert who helped her find different varieties of butterflies to flutter around her as she married her now ex-husband Jared Harris in 2005.

    She tells Britain’s Daily Telegraph, “I get a lot of requests to be involved in things and I think you have to pick the ones you really care about and can do something to help. I was immediately bowled over by Clive’s passion and jumped at the chance.

    “Butterflies are the canaries in the coal mine as far as conversation is concerned. Their fragility exposes what’s going on around us.”


    “Don’t Let Cruz Replace Me”

    Emilia Fox has joked she was jealous when her young co-star Robbie Kay told her he had been cast in Pirates Of The Caribbean 4.

    The Silent Witness star plays Robbie’s mother in forthcoming film Ways To Live Forever, in which the 14-year-old plays a boy suffering from leukaemia.

    Emilia revealed: “Before Christmas I did a film called Ways To Live Forever about a little boy who had cancer with a brilliant actor called Robbie Kay, who’s just phoned me to tell me he’s got a job in Pirates Of The Caribbean. I told him I didn’t want to be replaced by Penelope Cruz in his life and that I was slightly envious that he was going to Hawaii for 10 weeks – and does he need a chaperone?”

    Ben Chaplin also stars in the film as Sam’s father, and Emilia reveals making the movie, due out later this year, was very emotional.

    She said: “The very thought of having a child who gets a terminal illness like that, I don’t know how you deal with it. I think there are incredible people and incredible families who find their way of dealing with it. So we all got very close on the film and remain friends.”


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