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  • “Cashback” Captures

    I have added screencaps from Cashback.

    Note: Due to the nature of the movie, some captures are not suitable for younger fans!

    “Ballet Shoes” Captures

    I have added screencaps from Ballet Shoes, really love this movie, I didn’t when it came out but then watched it to screencap and I now love it.

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    “Losing My Baby Made Me Scared I’d Never Be A Mum”

    If anyone has a right to be a bit of a diva, it’s Emilia Fox. Born into one of Britain’s most powerful acting dynasties, she won her first acting role playing Colin Firth’s little sister in the TV adaptation of Pride And Prejudice at the age of 18, and she’s never looked back.

    But not for her the stroppy tantrums of some stars. Instead, she has slipped in and out of a series of gowns and killer heels on our Fabulous shoot in the blistering heat without a murmur of complaint or the hint of a demand. And all this while five months pregnant.

    In fact, she looks quite stunned when she’s offered a cup of tea and a sit down.


    “The Queen” Tonight

    The episode of The Queen featuring Emilia is on tonight at 8pm on Channel 4.

    “The Man Who Married Himself” Trailer & Behind The Scenes

    Thank you to Marek.

    Richard E Grant’s Marriage Tragedy

    Richard E Grant has hailed his new comedy The Man Who Married Himself a tragedy.

    The Withnail And I star plays the title character alongside British acting talents Warren Clark, Emilia Fox and Celia Imrie in director Garrick Hamm’s short film, and confessed the idea in reality filled him with dread.

    Richard joked: “Having been married 23 years myself… being married to yourself is tragic!”

    The 53-year-old actor confessed he enjoyed filming his solo wedding night. He revealed he most looked forward to “my wedding night scene and to be seen post-pleasuring myself with the entire range of Ann Summers around me”.

    Richard explained he was drawn to the title of the film.

    He said: “You know it’s going to be unusual. And Charlie Fish had written such an off-the-wall story. It has an internal logic that just appealed to me. I thought it was a wonderful idea.


    Ladies Who Lunch Gather For A Good Cause

    Apart from the Oscars, where else would you find a room full of so many beautiful, glamorous, and talented women? Well, the answer is: at the biennial lunch for African Solutions to African Problems (ASAP) hosted by the charity’s founder, Priscilla Higham, in London.

    The lunch was held within the Louise T. Blouin Institute’s very cool white walls, an antidote to the baking-hot weather outside and the perfect setting for such a colorful gathering. Guests including Lady Helen Taylor, photographer Mary McCartney, designers Bella Freud and Rifat Ozbek, models Laura Bailey and Saffron Aldridge, interior designer Amber Aikens, and actors Emilia Fox, Nick Reding, and Rupert Everett sat down to platters of Itsu sushi, Pret a Manger sandwiches, carrot and lemon cake, and chocolate popcorn, all laid out on multi-colored kikoys. Wild flowers filled hand-painted jam jars, and each guest was given a beautiful handmade beaded blossom to take home. Everything had been donated—even the South African rosé.


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