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I have added icons by Carlyn.

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I have added screencaps from Helen Of Troy.

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I have added new photoshoots, if anyone can get them untagged please contact me.

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I have added screencaps from Keeping Mum, thanks Sarika.

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Tomorrow is Emilia’s birthday, so a happy birthday from us.

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Pregnant actress Emilia Fox has no plans to marry her boyfriend just yet – because the expectant parents are still living apart.

The Pianist star is five months pregnant with her partner Jeremy Gilley’s baby, but admits she has yet to move in with the charity campaigner, although the couple plans to eventually share a home after the birth.

She tells Britain’s Fabulous magazine, “We don’t even live together. I think our first step (before marriage) has to be that. I think because we started out as friends and it was quite some time before anything happened that we just didn’t do the moving in together thing.

“I’m slightly worried how he’s going to find living with me. I’m messy and he’s neat. But he knows me inside out. We had a gentle, long period of getting to know each other and then a very quick pregnancy. He’s been through all the emotions of this pregnancy so he’s seen all sides of me. We’ve cried, laughed and just been with each other.”

But Fox, who was previously married to Mad Men actor Jared Harris, hopes to wed Gilley soon.

She adds, “I would like to get married again because I do really believe in marriage. It’s something I really value. I want this baby, I want more babies. Of all the things I’ve had in life, what I want most is my own happy little family.”


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I have added screencaps from Cashback.

Note: Due to the nature of the movie, some captures are not suitable for younger fans!