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Vicki   Dec 29, 2010   Site Updates

Emilia Fox has said she’d rather her daughter goes into medicine than acting.

The actress was pregnant while filming the forthcoming series of Silent Witness, and gave birth to a daughter at the end of November.

But she says she hopes her daughter picked up more of the medical terminology while in the womb than the acting side.

She said: “Apparently babies can hear in the womb, so I just hope that the baby’s been picking up on the pathology and not the fun of acting and that she’ll head straight to medical school.”

Acting is in the genes, however. Emilia was born into an acting dynasty – her mother is Joanna David, her father Edward Fox, and her cousin Laurence Fox is the star of Lewis and husband of actress Billie Piper. Brother Freddie is just beginning to spread his acting wings, with roles in Any Human Heart and Worried About The Boy.


Vicki   Dec 28, 2010   Site Updates

I have added episode stills from the new series.

Vicki   Dec 27, 2010   Site Updates

Emilia is set to appear on Daybreak on ITV1 on the 3rd of January.

Vicki   Dec 24, 2010   Site Updates

Merry christmas and a happy new year to everyone.

Vicki   Dec 22, 2010   Site Updates

Vicki   Dec 18, 2010   Site Updates

Gary Barlow is to become the latest celebrity to appear on CBeebies to read a Bedtime Story, it has been confirmed.

Other names sitting in the Bedtime Story chair over the next few weeks include David Tennant and Emilia Fox.


Vicki   Dec 6, 2010   Site Updates

I have added screencaps from the series finale, sorry for the delay. Loved the finale.

Vicki   Dec 4, 2010   Site Updates

I have added screencaps from The Soul Keeper.

Note: Due to the nature of the movie, some captures are not suitable for younger fans!