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    Emilia is set to appear on Daybreak on ITV1 on the 3rd of January.

    Merry Christmas

    Merry christmas and a happy new year to everyone.

    Behind The Scenes On “Silent Witness”

    Emilia To Read CBeebies Bedtime Story

    Gary Barlow is to become the latest celebrity to appear on CBeebies to read a Bedtime Story, it has been confirmed.

    Other names sitting in the Bedtime Story chair over the next few weeks include David Tennant and Emilia Fox.


    “Merlin” Series 3 Episode 13 Captures

    I have added screencaps from the series finale, sorry for the delay. Loved the finale.

    “The Soul Keeper” Captures

    I have added screencaps from The Soul Keeper.

    Note: Due to the nature of the movie, some captures are not suitable for younger fans!

    Emilia Upset At Missing Flying Scene

    Emilia Fox – who gave birth to daughter Rose last month – was upset that her pregnancy meant she was banned from ‘flying’ in a scene for ‘Merlin’.

    Emilia Fox was distraught about having to miss a flying scene in ‘Merlin’

    The actress – who gave birth to daughter Rose, her first child with partner Jeremy Gilley, last month – portrays Morgause in the hit BBC1 drama and though she loves doing her own stunts, her pregnancy meant she was unable to tackle anything too physical.

    She said: “I loved doing all the sword fighting in the last series and the action sequences and the riding in this series – I really enjoyed the horse riding.

    “I couldn’t do all the stunts in this series because of my pregnancy and I was really upset about that because I would have flown in this series. I have always wanted to fly since being a little girl and seeing Peter Pan. This would have been my chance.”

    Emilia loves the chance to play a baddie in ‘Merlin’ because of the feeling of power she gets and the way the other characters respond to her.

    She explained: “The best thing I think is the licence you get in playing a baddie, and a sorceress at that. Always playing with other characters and their perceptions of you, means you are never quite sure where Morgause’s allegiances lie.

    “It’s really, really fun to play, when the role was first offered to me I wanted Morgause to look totally innocent but be completely evil behind it. Although, I always think with baddies they believe that they are doing the right thing.

    “And also I think the fun is of course doing the stunts and feeling very powerful.”


    Finally we learn the name of her daughter, what a lovely name. :)

    “Silent Witness” Feature Interview With Emilia

    In episode one, A Guilty Mind, Nikki struggles to deal with a case involving the death of a child in violent circumstances. Emilia explains: “The case affects Nikki deeply and personally and looks at the less tangible part of pathology, which is the mind. We are used to the team finding things out through the organs and the body, but of course when it comes to the mind it’s a lot harder to deal with. It’s very hard to deal with your own mind when it’s running away from you.

    “Leo and Harry are deeply concerned for Nikki and it touches her at a stage in her life where she is a woman in her thirties, not attached to anyone and she doesn’t have children, so I think it brings all those issues to the surface.”

    This is the first time we see Nikki struggling with a case, impacting on her mental health, so how did Emilia prepare for this storyline? She says: “I think part of it was instinctive anyway, because the death of this child is so brutal that I don’t see how if you were connected in any way to a case like this you couldn’t be affected.”


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