Welcome to An English Rose, an unofficial fansite dedicated to the English actress Emilia Fox. We aim to provide you with news, photos, videos, and much
more on Emilia. You may have seen her in British productions like Merlin, Silent Witness, Falcón, The Wipers Times, Suspension of Disbelief,
Trap for Cinderella, The Wrong Mans and most recently in a short film called Not Ever. Don't forget to check out the gallery as well & enjoy your stay!
Posted by · Admin on Apr 20, 2014

Wishing everyone Easter that brings you hope filled with lots of love, blessings, unlimited luck and most of all happiness that lasts for a life time. :)

Posted by · Admin on Dec 6, 2013

Good morning :) Just in time for the release of the stunning photos, the promotion for Silent Witness’ series 17, and St. Nicholas Day I have a special treat for y’all since we have new designs, both on our main site and photo gallery, made by my friend and the talented designer Sara from Grey Street Designs! I really hope you like the layouts! She did an extraordinary job this time including my requests I had, plus I’m even more looking forward to January now… :D

P.S.: In case there are any errors with the layouts contact me please if you notice anything.Thank you <3

Posted by · Admin on Jul 31, 2013

Good morning everyone!
It’s Millie’s birthday today and we’d like to wish her all the best, happiness, and that her wishes may come true!
Have a great day full of joy!!! :)


Posted by · Admin on May 12, 2013

I’m happy to announce that we have a new site design :D I thought it was time we leave the ‘dark, winter-likely Silent Witness’ theme behind and change for spring/summer :) The wordpress theme was made my friend Sara who did an amazing job using these gorgeous photos of Millie! It’s such a lovely photoshoot, isn’t it? In other news, I’ve changed the site’s title to ‘an English rose’ which I hope you’ll like too!
The gallery theme will be updated in the following days as well… Have a nice Sunday/Mother’s Day everyone :)

Posted by · Admin on Dec 31, 2012

Hello everyone and welcome back to Emilia Fox online!
My name is Lexi and I’ve just adopted this amazing site. You may know me from my other sites (check the family sites in the sidebar for more info on them). I’m really excited to start working on this fansite and make it an even bigger source for all things Emilia! So what did I do the past days?
I’ve re-arranged some folders in the gallery for better oversight, deleted tagged photos, replaced them and MQ photos with over 100+ new HQ photos, added all the latest and most recent photos of Emilia, added missing ‘Falcón’ screen caps, fixed broken links, and I’ve started to make an audio&video archive which will go online in the new year… soon to follow are the missing ‘Silent Witness’ screen captures and caps from Upstairs Downstairs.
Stay tuned for more updates as ‘Silent Witness’ will be back for series 16 very soon and follow us on Twitter @EmiliaFoxOnline too! Hope you enjoy your stay!
P.S.: What do you think about the new site design and gallery layout? Sara at Grey Street Designs did a wonderful job and the promo pics for Silent Witness look quite promising, don’t you think? :)

Posted by · Vicki on May 16, 2012

I have added a fantastic new layout thanks to Vintage Dreams .

I have edited the pages and affiliates, a lot of affiliates weren’t linking back if yo uwant to affiliate with us apply here.

Posted by · Vicki on May 14, 2012

I have taken the site back, I missed it,  thank you Gertie.

I will updating the site with news, images and a new design soon, and as you can see I gave the site a new name.

Posted by · Grace on Nov 30, 2011

Sorry, recently I’ve been lax with updates. I appear to have abandoned my sites, not just this one. I haven’t updated my favourite ones for a while, Captivating Holly Valance, Le Fay Keep and Enchanting Katie Mcgrath! I’ve let myself down! Anyway, I’m glad lots of people like the new site! I hope lots of new people visit, and I’ll update with the latest news again very soon!