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Vicki   May 4, 2010  

I am enchanted by butterflies, and being among them is incredibly therapeutic. They remind me of heady summers growing up in Dorset and running around my parents’ garden. They [the actors Joanna David and Edward Fox] allowed it to grow wild and uncultivated. I used to chase butterflies and I was obsessed with the Flower Fairies books.

When I married [the actor, Jared Harris] in 2005, we released rare butterflies at our wedding. They had been bred for us by the lepidopterist Clive Farrell, who came up with the idea for Butterfly World. His nursery houses are full of butterflies that cloud around your head. I’m overwhelmed by his love and care for them. They’re a barometer of the environment and levels of pollution, they chart what’s happening.

I wish I could say I had a fitness regime, but in London I just can’t make myself exercise. When I lived in LA, fitness and going to the gym were part of everyday life. But now with such long hours at work, from 6am until 8pm, the last thing I want to do is jump on the treadmill.


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link 1st June 2010 at 10:56 pm

I’m leaving this comment in the hope that Emilia will read it, which I guess is unlikely!
On Saturday 29th May I met Emilia in a lock on the river thames sometime in the afternoon, I had been on our boat for a friends birthday since the early morning, drinking heavily and I remember rudely yelling across at Emilia and then inviting myself onboard her boat to get a photo with her. Emilia could and should have told me where to go, but instead let me have the photo taken and was a complete legend.

Anyway I’m mortified at how I behaved and hope Emila can accept this, an apology for being a moron.
Thanks Phil